Cumbernauld Model Flying Club

Membership Fees and Application Form

The membership fee that you will pay is built up from a number of components and depends on type of membership (adult, junior or family), whether you are renewing membership or joining the Club for the first time, and whether you are already a member of the Scottish Aeromodellers Association (SAA), having joined through another Club. Full details for your individual circumstances will be provided by the Membership Secretary when you apply to join the Club. 

For guidance, an adult joining the Club for the first time would have to pay the following:

Initial joining fee (first year only)                          £0

Adult annual fee (including SAA membership)      2022/2023    £78
Adult Club only annual fee.                                     2022/2023   £43

The adult fee includes an amount  covering membership of the Scottish Aeromodellers Association which provides third party insurance cover for flying activities.

Junior fees start from £15 and, depending on a specific age cut off criteria, the Club pays the appropriate SAA fees. The Membership Secretary will explain in more detail on application.

You can download an Application Form by selecting the [More] option from the top right menu, the fourth choice will automatically download an MS Office document. Once downloaded and completed, you may post it to the address provided or hand it to a Committee Member at the field.

CMFC Online renewal process

Download and complete the electronic form available on the Club’s website, including your CAA OP-ID (with expiry date) please, ensuring you complete all relevant sections. 

Remit appropriate fees in the manner of your choice; cash, cheque or online, using your SAA/BMFA Number as your reference. 

Alternate insurance providers please check with Membership Secretary to ensure they are covered.

If paying online, please use the following format as your reference: J Smith 1234. where the numerical element is your SAA/BMFA Number.

 If you are joining the Club for the first time and have no Aeromodelling Association membership, please use the following format as your reference: J Smith - New

Online bank details will be sent to you by return email once all details have been verified. The Committee do not feel that such information should be made public via the Club website or other means.

If renewing your SAA membership via the Club, your insurance will be deemed to commence once payment has been received and verified by the Membership Secretary. 

For new members, or those renewing via BMFA or independently with the SAA, confirmation from the relevant organisation (in the form of email or membership card) will be required before you are permitted to fly at the field. Cards/letters may be shown to any Committee Member.

Should you have any difficulty or queries, please email the Club Membership Secretary as above.

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